Rival 41 for sale May 2019 UK

Rival 41A - Electrical Systems and Charging

KISS wind generator

KISS wind-generator - 3-bladed

Rival 41A - Electrical Systems and Charging

We have added and updated the charging system throughout our ownership as we use computers and other devices so it's important to us. There is a total of 240W of solar panels plus a very powerful KISS generator. The generator is named after its design - Keep It Simple Stupid - which uses simple easily available parts.

12V batteries : Engine : 100Ah (2019) ; House : 2 x 100Ah (2017); also 12V 100Ah battery for bow thruster (see Propulsion page
Wind generator : KISS with controller and switch
Stern solar panel : 80W on stern arch with separate controller
Movable solar panels : 2 x 80W with MPPT controller
Battery charger : Sterling Pro Charge Ultra 30A - 3 outlets - PCU1230 (2017)
Mains supply : to cockpit
240V sockets : saloon and aft cabin
Battery monitor : Link (2008)
Inverter : Prowatt PW800i 240V (1997)

Last updated : 3 May 2019